Privacy and security

All personal information are always kept confidential and will not be shared with a thirdparty. We follow the European guidelines regarding keeping personal information stored.

Prices & Availability

Sometimes you may place an order and the item is not in stock. In that case we will contact you immediately and you will have the opportunity to either wait for it to be in stock again, change to a different item or have your order refunded. Prices can be altered any time and if we’ve made an error with the price you will be contacted and if you paid to much we’ll provide a refund, if you’ve paid too little you’ll have the opportunity to either pay the correct amount or have your money refunded.


All deliveries will be packed and shipped within 2 days mon-fri from the moment we receive your order. Delivery time is only estimated and depends on your country. Normal delivery times for European countries are 3 days whereas outside Europe delivery time can take between 5-7 days.

Return & Exchanges

You are always welcome to contact us if you want to return/exhange your order.

EU countries
Always 14 days exchange & return policy from the day you recieve the order. For returns & exhanges you as a customer will have to pay the freight.

Countries outside EU
For all countries outside EU you can exchange your product within 14 days. You as a customer will have to pay the freight back and forth. Returns are not accepted.

Payment options

As we strive to let people from all over the world order from us we’ve decided that PayPal has the best solution that fits everyone. If you wish to send us a bank-transfer, please contact us.